"Quem medirá o calor e a violência do coração dos poetas, quando capturados e aprisionados no corpo de uma mulher?" Virgínia Woolf

quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2013

Who I am enjoying moments

By Natasha

Hey! You know what?!
I wanna go out tonight.
I wanna be in somewhere cool.
Be a person who I really am when I’m enjoying moments.
I wanna dance like the music is the last.
I wanna shake my body...
Rock'n it!
I wanna be watched, courted, kissed and touched.
And feel like I’m the last woman in the world.
Do you wanna play with me?!
If you do...
Run after!
I’m waiting...
Because night is just a child!
And we can make it grows up...
Going slow or fast.
It’s with you!!!!

The blow of love

 By Natasha

The night is so beautiful today...
It's the reason I wanna be with you...
All my feelings have made a huge mess in my life.
Almost always I'm sure that you're the one for me.
But almost never I know how to say about my love for you.
So, help me...
Help me to say for my heart to not be afraid of world.
'Cause people's opinion is the less important for our future.
Let's make the best for us...
Let's do all we want without fear to be happy.
The sweet wind of love will blow our destinies.
And we'll stay here, now and for all beautiful nights...

(Depois de muito tempo, as poesias em inglês da minha amiga Natasha estão de volta... ;)))
Saiba mais sobre estas poesias: Textos e poesias em Inglês

Melhor amigo

Lastimável é ser eleito
Rei do mar
E nem mesmo no remo
Saber pegar.

(Raquel Amarante - 08/06/2008)

Amor I

Fiz-me verbo no pretérito do amor
sempre imperfeito.

(Raquel Amarante - 2008)


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